We are accepting orders placed through Local Phone, Text Message, App Order and Email.

  1. Our office staff is available to take orders and assist with all inquiries from Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm. Tel: (02) 9743 7461.
  2. Outside these hours enquiries can be made via Email: admin@fpdaustralia.com.au or Mobile: +61 406 688 108.
  3. Orders are to be placed online or emailed by 9pm for next working day delivery.
  4. Phone orders can be placed with office staff during office hours or via the Online App any time before 9pm for next working day delivery.
  5. Deliveries are available daily Monday to Friday which are coordinated by the owners.
  6. Extra deliveries are run on the working day prior and post public holiday days, compensating for public holiday closures.